Top Rated Headlamps

Top Rated HeadlampsThere are a lot of headlamps with different brands and their shapes and sizes over at Flashlight can be useful from time to time but when you are out on a hiking trip and you are walking down a road that is dark and you are tired of holding something, more specifically a flashlight, you need another invention that can cast a light on the road and it doesn’t need for you to hold it. This is where headlamps exist. Now to choose the right headlamp you need to learn some of the unique qualities that they have, their special features. You got to learn which one of the headlamps won’t be an issue whenever you start on your trip.

Here are some top rated headlamps that you might consider in buying, if you are interested in one of them:

  • NiteIzeInova STS- is a unique headlamp where you can just swipe it instantly, activating the white light and if you swipe again in an opposite direction then you will have a red light replacing it. White light and the red light serve a purpose, white LED helps you see in the dark while the red ones preserve your night vision. it is waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet

  • Black diamond storm- it has the longest battery-life span for it lasted only 6 hours. This headlamp has a special tick where you can just tap the headlamp casing and the light will dim so there’s not buttons needed for you to push. It is also waterproof.

  • PetzlTikka R+- this one has a rechargeable batter unlike the black diamond storm, this headlamp only lasted for 3-5 hours. But it recharges faster so there’s no need for you to wait. It has a unique feature that is called the reactive lighting system, it can detect how far away the object that you are looking at causing the light to dim or brighten depends on the position you are in.

These are the top 3 branded headlamps that you can choose from. Each of them is unique in their own way and you can decide which one of them that fits to your needs. They all have their own style, their own working system that would fit the situation or any situation that you are in and they are built to aid you on your journey or your adventure. And since you learn all about the type of headlamps that is shown to you in this article then you already have an idea on what to look for.